Help an old lady cross the street, then spend the rest of your day feeling really good about yourself.

Remember that one time you passed that place that had a sign for Roast Beef sandwiches? It was called the Blue Dog Cafe, look it up, let this place be your motivation for leaving the house. Put on your new rubber boots, get out your google maps and set out in the blizzardy hell that is February in New York City.
At an intersection, as you are planning the most dry and efficient way to hop across the slush, a four foot tall old lady grabs your arm.
“Can I hold on to you dear?” she drops her R’s in a distinctly Bronx kind of way. she is trailing a rolling grocery cart packed to the brim and wearing an over-sized Men’s smoking jacket. Take her arm and help her through the puddle then come back for the groceries.
” Thank your dear, my building is just up here a few blocks.” Offer to walk her there, gripping her elbow, guiding her through traffic, lifting her and her groceries over the puddles.
Notice how the flakes stick to her velveteen jacket more like dandelion petals than snow. Her glasses are down her nose, here eyes heavily made up.
“Are you an actress?” she asks. Laugh and say no.
“oh well you look real pretty like one of them, some actresses live in my building, I see them in the elevator and then I see them on the TV!”
Nod and smile politely. She gabs on and tells you she is an aspiring screen writer – anything can happen – she says. Her doorman rushes out to greet her and she hands you her card and writes down her email.
“Call me sometime, I’ll have you for coffee.”
Put the card in your pocket and continue walking in the direction of your roast beef sandwich.